Have you ever had any weird dreams where you wake up as fictional characters in weird situations? Well, if you are anything like me then this type of dream is regular. I just thought I would share it with everyone.

So from what I remember...

I woke up in dream in the body of the actor who plays Chase in the tv show Zoe 101 (at the same age he was when the show was still going).

Basically at the start of the dream I hated pirates with a passion and so did my mom in the dream, I'm not really sure why. Basically for the first part of my dream I stayed in my house, which was a wooden one but quite spacious, with my mom (who seemed to be the only family I had).

Then the next thing I know pirates show up. They submerged from the ocean beside my house, in a submarine pirate ship. They took me and all of a sudden I was a pirate and I was really close with all of them. The weird thing was that me and a few others were wearing 'fish boots'. They were literally fish that were eating our feet as boots (pretty bizarre right?). Anyway one part of my dream I remember is losing my fishbones in the middle of the ocean while catching fish at the top deck, and one of my pirate friends got me other ones and I was so touched I started crying!

Near the end of the dream I guess something good happened because I ended up on a wooden stage at home and I was getting awarded or something and my mom was there and we were right by the sea and it was great!

Then the most bizarre thing happened...

All of a sudden I was in another persons point of view.

I was Silas from the Da Vinci Code movie!
I remember I was wearing like a weird black cloak like the ones monks wore in the tv show Galavant (hey hey we're the monks!)
and I was watching my Chase self on the stage from a far in the grass. and I'm pretty sure I was after my Chase self too!

Anyway that's all I can remember!
Pretty weird right?