I've seen this article around, so I decided to try it out myself :)

(I'm doing my nickname Alissa, and not Alex, since there are no colours starting with x)

A - A M E T H Y S T

wallpaper, crystal, and purple image stars, light, and purple image theme, purple, and aesthetic image amethyst, art, and paradise image

L - L E M O N

aesthetic, hand, and shadow image aesthetic and yellow image aesthetic, korean, and aesthetics image drink, lemonade, and summer image

I - I V O R Y

white, lies, and light image white, flowers, and aesthetic image white, silk, and fabric image aesthetic and white image

S - S A L M O N

peach, aesthetic, and peachy image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bambi, and black image pink, sky, and aesthetic image
fun fact, salmon is one of my favourite colours

S - S C A R L E T

red, aesthetic, and city image red, pool, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and balloons image aesthetic, Avengers, and Marvel image

A - A P R I C O T

peach, building, and aesthetic image orange, aesthetic, and bottle image aesthetic, beauty, and hipster image sky, aesthetic, and peach image