In our world today it can be easy to get caught up in the negativity surrounding us.

It becomes unbearable for us to watch the news without wanting to break down in tears or scream out of frustration, that's why its all the more important to find the time to detach from it all.

For me, a simple way to remove myself from the worries of the world is to look out the window when the sun is coming down from its highest point. (Late afternoon through sunset)

This time of day is what I have come to realize is when the sun and moon "meet". While we are busied leaving school or work, the sky reflects the smiles of the day and the carefree thoughts of the night.

Now, I know that may seem incredibly strange, but trust me...taking 15 or so minutes to just sit next to a window and acknowledge the beauty of earth will bring something incredible to your life. This is you chance to disconnect from social media and anything that may be bothering you. Its earths simple way of saying "when all else goes wrong, look up to the sky an appreciate the simple wonders of life"

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*do not stare into the direct sunlight--this will cause harm to your eyes*