besides politics, 2017 was a good year
fashion, girl, and summer image blue, indie, and refreshing image beach, summer, and pink image beach, bike, and summer image
cats are better than dogs
flowers, nature, and sea image flowers and white image flowers, pink, and beauty image flowers, white, and bouquet image
the oreo cookie is better than the cream
girl, paris, and travel image gucci, luxury, and flowers image shoes, fashion, and gucci image gucci and luxury image
justin bieber is a good guy with good music
wedding, dress, and bride image rose gold, gold, and rose image feet, heels, and shoes image fashion, style, and rose gold image
i don't believe in horoscopes but i find them interesting
red, style, and theme image flowers, strawberry, and rose image dress, red, and dog image black girl, vogue, and melanin poppin image
not a fan of tattoos and i'll never get one
beach, summer, and sea image lilac, purple, and lavender image lilac, purple, and theme image waves, ocean, and sea image

i hope you enjoyed all the random aesthetic pictures that had nothing to do with the opinions!

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