(lowercase intended)
( credits to: @little_red_candle , saw the challenge on hers/his page and decided to re-create it ♥)

♥ style

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image aesthetic, asian, and clothes image asian fashion, casual, and clothes image girl, kfashion, and outfit image
i get a lot of inspiration from Stranger Things, iamkareno, Conan Gray and much more ♥

♥ colour/s

pink, aesthetic, and grunge image pink, tumblr, and blue image pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image pink, quotes, and aesthetic image

♥ hobbies and passions

art, paint, and moon image Image removed dance, quotes, and think image aesthetic, mouth, and alternative image
my hobbies are drawing/painting, listening to music, dancing and doing my makeup ♥

♥ season

girl, aesthetic, and nature image girl, aesthetic, and bike image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image summer, love, and night image

♥ animals

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image

♥ quotes

quotes, Alyssa, and teotfw image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and 505 image quotes, love, and book image quotes, sad, and life image

♥ studying

white, aesthetic, and book image apple, flowers, and notebook image aesthetic, book, and bird image Image removed

♥ personality

mood, carrie, and frases image emotions, pure, and quote image friends, quotes, and rachel image reaction image

♥ tv shows/movies

love, me before you, and gif image stranger things image la la land, couple, and emma stone image boy, girl, and book image
my favourite movies are la la land and me before you. my favourite tv shows are stranger things and the end of the f***ing world ♥

♥ music

the 1975, matty healy, and band image angel face, long hair, and paul klein image aesthetic, artist, and boy image troye sivan image lana del rey image hayley kiyoko image bts, jimin, and jin image tash sultana image
i mostly listen to the 1975, lany, khalid (i saw him live on his american teen tour and it was honestly one of the best experiences in my life), troye sivan, lana del rey, hayley kiyoko, bts and the one and only tash sultana ♥

♥ food

food, chocolate, and churros image food, chocolate, and strawberry image food, strawberry, and banana image aesthetic, cheesy, and food image

♥ lifestyle

grunge, aesthetic, and tumblr image art, indie, and grunge image art, blue, and grunge image gay, pride, and rainbow image

♥ dreams & goals

pink, world, and globe image coffee, red, and white image red, concert, and aesthetic image travel, sky, and city image
my main dreams and goals are to travel around the world, open up my own coffee shop, go to as many concerts by my favorite artists as i possibly can and to move to another country ♥


hope you liked this article! you can send me some suggestions ♥