“Hello? Who’s calling?”

”Can I get a large California chicken bacon ranch and some parmesan bread twists? Also for the pizza can you hold off on overdoing the ranch? I mean it’s good and all- i don’t mean to insult your art- but it’s a little overbearing someti-”

“This isn’t Dominos.”




”You didn’t call Dominos.”

“Who is this?”

”You called me.”

”No i didn’t. i called Domino’s”

”Obviously you didn’t.”

”You know what? I don’t appreciate your sass okay? This has been one of the worst days of my life and i don’t need some random guy on the phone ruining it even more.”

”Geez sorry. Look you’re the one who called me so you have no place to tell me off. I was in the middle of something very important.”

”Mhm. What?”

”Call Of Duty.”

"You’ve got to be kidding me"

"Who even are you"

"Amara. Who are you?"

"Wait, Amara Summers?"

"Um yes? who is this?"

"Chase Williams"

"Wait- you're the kid who tried to kiss me three years ago at that eighth grade dance?"

"Wow what a great way to sum me up"

"Hah. Nice try by the way"

I had to try to shoot my shot.

"Too bad you didn't even have a net."

"Haha you're soo funny."

Don't worry about it too much, that's a great story to tell.

"Please don't remind me."

"It was kind of cute anyway. Well Chase this has been a riveting conversation but I have a stomach making whale mating calls at the moment and a pizza to order."

"Hopefully this time you'll actually call Dominos."

"Haha. Honestly. Well, bye Chase."

"Bye Amara."

"Oh, and Chase? You can call me sometime. I mean only if you want anyway."

"Already have your number saved. Bye Amara."

i hope you enjoyed this. I kinda have a bad habit of going off my own topic a little but i think i did it enough justice.

topic: a sour love story turned sweet

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