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Today I am going to talk about something that make me happy: my three favourite tv series. I watch so much tv series: 83+ right now and 203+ that I've watched. You can check them on my tv time account (@xadamsvoice) and that's why I chose to list just three of them beacuse they are a lot and I love them all.
I chose three different kind of tv series: a comedy, a comedy/drama and a full drama. Three tv series that made me laugh, cry and that taught me so much.
Let's start it!

1) Gilmore Girls.

It's not a show. It's a religion.

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I've started to watch Gilmore Girls since I was 12. I started on tv and I remember I always found excuses to stay at home and watch all the episodes. Then I bought all the DVDs and I spend years to watch them everyday, literally everyday: when a season came to end I started it again. I learned all the lines and details about it. It taught me so much. It helped me to choose what I will going to do with my life as Lorelai did opening a Hotel. It taught me the sarcasm, friendship, love, relatonships with parents, sons, guys and girls. It taught me so much about culture through Rory's book and all those references to movie of american culture. It taught me so much about music thanks Lane. It made me meet so many different people written so good and about writing it taught me then I can write a book like Rory did in the Revival. Gilmore Girls accompained me for years and It will until the end. I was so happy about the Revival and I watched it until the 3am and I don't regret it. One the most beautiful thing about it was got a like from Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson on twitter about how much the show is important to me. I said they are like a family and they are.

2) Grey's Anatomy.

how to save a life? watching grey's anatomy.

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Seriously, You can call me doctor after all those years watching and rewatching this show. I started to watch it alone then I infected my mom, my cousin and my aunt. Grey's anatomy is devastining I won't lie, it consumes you in many different ways but at them same that it can save you and you can't live without it. Shonda Rhimes destroyed everything I tried to love on this show and despite it I still love it and after all these seasons I have to say it: the relationships between the characters are not the same, are not so interesting, but the stories of the patiens are still amazing and heartbreaking. It think Shonda based the serie on great disasters, that's what make people interested to watch it, but I think that it doesn't need that (I like those episodes, of course, they are what make grey's anatomy, grey's anatomy) because they should need just to come back to the first season to understand that they can make something great again. I am not saying that is awful now, I am saying that it is a new show and sometimes I miss the old one, but, still today it makes me cry so hard, like a baby who lost the mom at the mall, like when you hurt your finger or you break up with someone. Grey's Anatomy fixes and destroyes lives at the same time. it hurted me so much but I am still here, like Meredith Grey. She's absolutely my favourite because she looks like me in many ways. I don't know what will happen when it will going to end, I will probabily rewatch it again, everyday of my life as I do it now. P.S. I will never forgive Shonda for killing Derek Shepherd and my otp. This show deserves an epic ending and I wanna everyone back in a way or in another.

3) New Girl.

Who's that girl? It's Jess!

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And her and her friends are one of the funniest group of friends in the entire world. New Girl is GENIAL and it is absolutely my favourite comedy. I've never laugh so hard because of their nosense jokes and their adventures together. Every character is special and for all the 6 seasons they had been amazing, with a great development for each other and the best storylines. One of the most beautiful thing about this show is the main couple: Nick and Jess. They are perfect together, their kiss is the best kiss I've ever seen. So much funny, so much passionate, they gave me so many feelings that I can't explain and the next season, the last season sadly, they will give me so many more and a perfect happy ending they deserve as the rest of the characters. I can't wait for April to watch it and I think I will freak out a lot.

The end! I hope you like it and you watch these tv series too.

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