Hey Hearters! I've seen a lot of people doing this challenge and in particular the one from @cryingcrystaltears. So today, I wanna share a little more about me with you, I hope you'll enjoy it guys!

Curly hair or straight hair?

hair, hairstyle, and style image hair, brunette, and hairstyle image
Definitely curly

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

book, harry potter, and gryffindor image couple, matching, and of image

Hard one, but my heart's telling me Harry Potter

Fall or Spring?

autumn, fall, and photography image photography image
Spring... Can we speak in flowers? it will be easier for me to understand.

Coffee or Tea?

americano, macchiato, and flat white image book, cup, and fashion image
Probably depends of the moment, so both of it I think: coffee & tea

Tattoos or Piercings?

Mature image Image by Jennifer Barbier
I'm in love with both of it but my heart beats stronger for tattoos

Leather or Denim?

Image by Libertatem fashion, style, and denim image
I adore leather jackets but I prefer the denim style. It's harder to wear leather pants...

Drawings or Paintings?

flowers, art, and yellow image alternative, art, and blue image
I'm loving the finish on the paintings with the softness of the colors and how they are mixed together

Dresses or Skirts?

chic, dress, and fashion image fashion, skirt, and outfit image
I think I have a little preference for skirts over dresses but maybe time wil change my point of vue, only the future knows...

Movies or TV Shows?

movie, grunge, and kiss image netflix, dog, and puppy image
Very hard one. Cinema's one of my passions. Here I'm sorry, can't choose :( So, it will be movies & series

Wine or Beer?

wine, beach, and summer image beach and sunset image
Without hesitation, a glass of red wine or rosé is perfect but I have to admit that one of a beer sometimes is quite relaxing too!

Thank you, all of you for reading this and know me better
Hope you liked this article, for a sooner one

Xoxo, Jay