Hi guys! I've been really into watching TED talks Lately! I feel like it is such a great way to get empowered and inspired in just a little amount of time! So try to watch as many as I can when I'm on my free time!

So today, I decided to separate my favorite ones to give you some Inspiration and new things to think about! Hope you guys like it!

1) The secret to becoming mentally strong | Amy Morin

2) How to be happy everyday: It will change the world | Jacqueline Way

3) The simple cure for loneliness | Baya Voce

4) There's more to life than being happy | Emily Esfahani Smith

5) Want to change the world ? Start by being brave enough to care | Cleo Wade

6) Finding you voice | Lucie Fink

7) Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

8) What do top students do differently ? | Douglas Barton

9) The key to living a life of adventure | Ginger Kern

10) The real reason I traveled to 196 countries | Cassie De Pecol

Thanks for reading! Hope you like the videos!

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to DM me!