A Song you like with a Color in the Title;

troye sivan, blue neighbourhood, and music image blue, Lyrics, and troye sivan image
BLUE - Troye Sivan feat. Alex Hope

A Song you like with a Number in the Title;

️mgk, flowers, and cigarette image black and white, bloom, and Lyrics image
27 - Machine Gun Kelly

A Song that reminds you of summer;

dj, ingrosso, and friends image aesthetic, lip, and Lyrics image
More than you Know - Axwell /\ Ingrosso

A Song that needs to be played LOUD;

jared leto, shannon leto, and thirty seconds to mars image 30 seconds to mars, band, and broken image
Kings and Queens - Thirty Seconds of Mars

A Song that makes you want to dance;

Image by aylathecrybaby easel, love quotes, and pink image
No more Sad Songs - Little Mix

A Song to drive to;

mitchel cave, clinton cave, and christian anthony image alternative, grunge, and indie image
Friends - Chase Atlantic

A Song that makes you happy;

shawn mendes, shawn peter raul mendes, and illuminate world tour image hands, Lyrics, and quotes image
There's Nothing holding me back - Shawn Mendes

A Song that makes you sad;

badlands, icon, and halsey image red, sad, and quotes image
Sorry - Halsey

A Song that you never get tried of;

bring me the horizon and bmth image quotes, bmth, and bring me the horizon image
Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon

A Song from the 90's that you like;

Image by Kinia ♡ backstreet boys, Lyrics, and music image
Never Gone - Backstreet Boys

A Song that you want played on your funeral;

the neighbourhood, band, and the nbhd image alternative, the beach, and Lyrics image
The Beach - The Neighborhood

A Song that is a Cover by another Artist;

stone, tied down, and feel something image love, funny, and lol image
What is Love - Jaymes Young

A Song that makes you think about life;

sam smith image cry, hurt, and life image
Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith

A Song that has many meanings to you;

5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image 5sos and Lyrics image
Out of my Limit - 5 Seconds of Summer

A Song that you think everybody listen to;

jonah marais, corbyn besson, and why dont we image why don't we, wdw, and trust fund baby image
Trust Fund Baby - Why Don't We

A Song by an Artist no longer living;

Amy Winehouse image Amy Winehouse, drink, and good image
You know I'm no Good - Amy Winehouse

A Song that makes you want to fall in love;

albanian, celebrity, and fashion image duet, for you, and Lyrics image
For You - Rita Ora

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