i've always been a very emotional and imaginative person so that was all heightened when i was a child. some of the things i believed were actually ridiculous so i decided to share some of those weird beliefs with you all.

if i ate a fruits, vegetables, or sunflowerseeds and then drank some water or went outside, the seed would grow through my stomach, up my throat, and blossom out of my mouth while simultaneously strangling me to death.
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the teletubbies lived in chino hills
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on televisions, the little green "on" light could see you and watched you 24/7.
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an alligator would come through the toilet and bite my butt as i was peeing
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in movies whenever the character had an older and younger version of themselves, it was the same person, meaning that movies took many years to film
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i thought one day i'd get powers and become a vampire mermaid
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