Hey everyone , I'm Sofia.

So , I always loved to write but I never actually liked writing in diaries. I always thought it was boring and time consuming, But recently I realized I that I wish I had a diary , so in a few months or years I could see what I was doing or how I felt at a certain time. And that is exactly what I'm doing right now! I like to think that my life is pretty intresting , I mean It's pretty much just like every teenage girls life. I don't know if anyone is even going to read any of this but in case anyone does , I hope you enjoy!
I thought it would be appropriate if I told you something about me and my life.

As I said , my name is Sofia (ik my username says Emily but don't pay attention to that). I just turned 15 two months ago. I live with my younger sister , and my mom and dad. I have a great relationship with my family except for my dad who I fight with pretty much constantly. He has this job that is very time consuming so I don't see him as much anymore. As for my friends , I used to be best friends with this girl Elle for 4 years and in the past few months she really changed. She turned on me when I needed her the most and when I was dealing with a lot of stuff ( we'll get into that later). She also started being very close friends with this girl I don't like at all even though I warned her many times. A month ago , out of the blue two of them and couple of other people started saying very mean things about me and my friends for no apperent reason and when we tried to confront them they said that they don't want to talk and that they hate us. After that we did not talk for a month and now , two days ago we randomly started chatting so you could say we're ''okay'' now. Regarding my other friends , there is this girl Anne that I have known for 11 years now and have always been really close friends with. She is a very funny , postive and all around carefree and a great person to be around. We were always friends but never really SUPER close 'cause I was closer with Elle and she was close with other people. Now we sit together and go out together all the time , so you could say we are closer than ever which makes me very happy. Then there's Nicky. She is the craziest most insane person I know. She is very likeable , sweet and just overall positive. I also hang out with her a lot and she is just great idk what else to say. Three of us are also friends with Maya. Today we found out her mom is pregnant which is just so crazy. She's a great person and a very good friend although she gets mad at anything and everything all the time we still adore her. There is also these two boys (Bob and Nick) who are best friends and sometimes we hang out with them too ( currently we're not talking because they missunderstood something but we'll solve that soon no worries). So yeah that's my squad and a current friends situation. There is another person I should probably mention but I think I'll do that in an another post.
That's it for now , hopefully I will continue writing and everytime I will have a diffrent topic to discuss.
If you wanna message me you can do that on Instagram I would love to hear your questions and critiques. @sofijja_xx