Hey! Found this challenge today and thought it could be fun to join. :)
Credits to Paige who I think created it.
Enjoy! :)

My Name is Sandra!

Image by ♡Sunny♡

S - San Francisco

friends, girls, and goals image amazing, san fransisco, and travel image san fransisco and let's travel image photography, san fransisco, and trip image

A - Athen

Athens, destinations, and Greece image Athens, Greece, and erechtheion image acropolis, Athens, and Greece image acropolis, Athens, and Greece image

N - New York

buildings, city, and snow image new york city, pretty sexy style, and inspiration inspo makeup image city, bridge, and travel image Image removed

D - Den Haag

den haag, netherlands, and city image buildings, city, and den image den haag image den haag, nofilter, and netherlands image

R - Rio de Jainero

paisagem and rio de janeiro image rio de janeiro, beach, and brazil image neymar, brazil, and football image rio de janeiro, city, and brazil image

A - Amsterdam

amsterdam, canal, and netherlands image travel, water, and amsterdam image Image by #ÐhĮ _Krã || ذڪـــــــرىَ amsterdam and travel image

Hope you liked it! :)