It's been five days I've been doing this challenge and it's get more exiting. Thank you so much for you all who read this, i hope you all found this entertaining to read. If one of you are have not read my previous article about the fourth day, don't need to worry, here's the link about the article:

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What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

  • Back to writing again.

I’ve been giving up on writing for very a long time, but its not that I never trying to writing again. I just really thought I don't have a time and never want to try it again until I feel really lost at myself and still loving writing on my notebook or note in my phone. When I see this Get To Know Me Challenge I feel like why I don't give it try, for one of method to be more love myself and being happy again. Because I really do love writing, even maybe I’m not that good as before, but why not, right?. As long as I am happy, there's nothing to be worried about.

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  • Ohana means Family.

My family is my source of happiness. Even I’m a far away from them, they never fail makes me happy all the time. Just thinking of them its makes me happy, and little bit sad, because I really miss them a lot, everyday.

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  • Friends

I have an almost-10-years-friendship that I really grateful to having them. Even we’re not always been together, but when I need them the most, they are always be there for me. They always makes me happy even they are like to sarcasm, hit me with they words saying a really make sense things and made me realize that what I am doing is good or bad, its really matters or not for my life. That's what friends are for, right. I’m really happy and glad they are exist in this world, then becoming to my very best friends.

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  • Listening to a good music.

Its always feels good to listening a really good music. No one in this world would hate music, because there’s so many different way or genre in music, also in every culture in the worlds. Music is like another way to express yourself in artistic way. Other wise, it’s never failed to make you happy.

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Let's playing a little game, guess what the song behind in every pic ?! If you know already what the answer is just tell me !!
  • Dilan 1990.

I know this is kinda oddly, and i swear one of you who read this will be have thought like, “What it is Dilan 1990?” okay, let me explain it to you. This is actually a Romance-Drama High School based movie that's really famous in Indonesia right now, everybody in here are talking about it. It’s about a boy name Dilan who love a girl name Milea and how he's way to approach the main girl is really outstanding, adorable, simple, wild and very unique. Dilan is really most outstanding person you have met, I’ve been never knew anyone like him. He is very wild, a bad boy, smart and also he is the notorious commander of his local motorcycle gang, He is seems fierce-looking and rebel, but he is really sweet and gentle to his lover and family. The setting of this movie is in 90’s era, that's why I really love it so much. It's actually a novel based adaptation film, and I’ve been loving the novel since 2014 and as the reader, this movie its beyond on my expectation and i love it so bad.

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I'm sorry if there still have a bad grammar on this article. English it's not my first language and I'm still learning it. That's all for now and see you tomorrow!