From the twentieth-century literary dystopian novels to the current films, they all have the same scenario: an unwanted world with a corrupt government and social divisions that are, generally, the cause of an event of the past and usually end in catastrophes such as war.
The word "dystopia" was used for the first time in 1868 by Jhon Stuart Mill. Now, 146 years, two world wars and countless technological advances later, the dystopia is increasingly becoming a kind of prophecy.
How "fictional"-as they classify them-are these nvoels? Is it possible to be living in one of those "AU/ Alternative Universes" and don't even know it?

From "1984" by George Orwell to "Divergent" by Veronica Roth, all best sellers. Fascinating works with even more fascinating ideas. Translated into more languages than we know and more famous than we could imagine, these "fictitious" novels stole the hearts of many; but it's time to put aside the incredible characters, forget for a moment the love drama and concentrate on what could be a reality: the scenarios in wich they are mounted. Most of the worlds in wich these narratives take place are consequences of the beningn tendencies of the current society that led to an undesired situation.

Think of what characterizes these dytopias and then in today's word, are ther really so unreal? Maybe not in such severe extremes, but we are getting closer.
We are in a stage of transition between our known world and a dytopia, and if the mute don't make the blind see and the deaf hear we'll probably end up like those TV movies and books, at war, at a dytopia.

How is it possible that in America there's an epidemic of overweight and in Africa there is hunger?
That while a rich man makes money by sitting in a comfy sofa, others work from sunrise to sunset for only a penny?
That we are bankrup and the government raises the taxes?
That we are so absorbed in technology, capital and egocentricity that we have not realized the obvious? The world is dying, and so is the society, and the people that lives in it. And if we don't do something quickly we'll end up extinguishing ourselves.

War. Famine. Global warming. Contamination.

I wonder; why now, when society should be in its golden age with technology and scientific advances? Well, I have the theory that for the same reason that this period should be golden. The road to hell is full of good intentions, and there is where we are heading.
Everything is good if we use it as it should be; but the same way everything is bad if we don't use it with modality and that's just what we are doing, our problem is to be abitious, too ambitious. We want more and more.

"That the factories work twice as much/that the contamination increase the double.
That people buy twice as much as they used/that people spend more of their money in baubles to generate twice as much profit."

I think that if we open our eyes, take off the blindfold and observe, we would realize the situation we got ourselves into and get a chance to change the course before reaching the horrible goal awaiting for us.
I belive if we do it, then it will be the golden age of humanity, the desired utopia.

"Utopias are not real, human nature sees to that" -Jennifer Wilson
"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain to my soul" -William Ernest
"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" -H. Jackson
"Humanity is not lost as long as dreamers remain" -Unknown

------> Written by a dreamer, by a beliver, by a girl with hope.