Anyone who's looking for a great suspense, thriller author NEEDS to check out Natasha Preston.

She started out on Wattpad, and quickly became well known for her writing. The first book I read by her was The Cellar, which I would say is her most well-known novel as of yet. Since then, I've followed her writings, and have since read three other books she has penned within the last two years. She never fails to keep you interested in the story - once you start reading, it's really hard to put the book down.

awake, the cabin, and natasha preston image

She has quite a few novels out now, but my three favorites right now are The Cellar, The Cabin, and her newest, You Will Be Mine. Out of the three I can't pick a favorite - they're each riveting in their own way. She has a talent for writing about crime, and psychotic behavior. Each story has its own twist, and I have never once expected the ending of one of her books. She's masterful in her art.

If you're looking for a twisted story of kidnap victims trying to piece their lives together, read The Cellar. If you're looking for a true mystery on which member of a small group of friends likes to go on killing sprees, read The Cabin. She includes different values in her stories as well, such as family life, friendships, relationships, and describes detail and scenery so well that it paints a picture in your mind. Definitely a good read. If you pick up one of her books you'll be thinking about it again long after you've finished.