We, humans, are so fragile. We break so easily, a simple second can change everything. In a fragment of time, we could lose it all, our life, our world, our friends, our family. The truth is that we are completely afraid, scared, terrified.

We are just broken souls trying our best to be better, to find happiness, to be loved. And sometimes it works, we reach joy and feel safe and satisfied.
However, it never lasts long. We’ll always be sad at some point. There is nothing such as a constant happiness. After all, everything is ephemeral.

We are on a never-ending roller coaster that brings us up and down. We experience death and life, love and solitude, war and peace. In that way, all things are balanced. There is not only regret nor contentment. There is both.

We also believe in a greater force above us in the sky, that is going to help, hear our words. But the thing is that even if there was something in the sky, it never truly assist us with our problems. We have to find the solution alone. We are on our own.

And sometimes we shatter in pieces. We cry, we shout our heart open. We reach out our arms towards others, but at the end, we let things pass. We lie. We pretend to be okay although we are not, and we’ll never be.

We are so vulnerable, so breakable.

We bully others to feel alive, we criticize to feel beautiful, we are jealous, selfish and end up fighting when we shouldn’t. We abandon people that we love, we leave without a note, we disappear in the infinity of the universe. We are left behind, and then we are completely lost. We betray each other, over and over. We make mistakes and repeat them until we learn. We change but our feelings remain the same.

We support it all. We let it get to us and it never goes away. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s heavy, so heavy that sometimes we drown. We are stuck alone in a dark room, where nobody can hear our cries for help.

Time passes and eventually, it gets better. We rise and shine again. But it’s a vicious cycle because later, when we are healed, we crack, again and everything is destroyed, again.

We are going through so much and we continue our lives as nothing happened, as we are not damaged.

We, humans, are so fragile. But yet, so strong.