I'm incredibly into rock n roll, grunge, everything alternative. So, if you're looking for a few songs by beyoncé, Lil Pump and some more of them singers that come up on the radio over and over again, you've clicked the wrong articles. Artic Monkeys, Yungblud, Nirvana, Grandson and even some singers like EDEN or Lil Peep and bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Get Scared and La Dispute are just some of the names that come up on my playlists repeatedly.

All songs on this list have meaningful lyrics and a melody like no other. I hope you take a moment to listen through them!

song, quotes, and wall image

1. Gods and monsters - Lana Del Rey
2. Anarchist - Yungblud
3. Blood / / Water - Grandson
4. Knife Called Lust - Hollywood Undead
5. Wake up - EDEN
6. R U Mine? - Artic Monkeys
7. Twelve - La Dispute
8. Mourn - Corbin
9. Outsiders - Au/Ra
10. Trapped - The Word Alive

This is the seventh entry to my 30 Days Writing challenge. If you're interested, make sure you check the previous ones out! If you want to know more about the challenge or even take part of it, check out the link below!

- Eli