Here we go again on our own, going down the only road we've ever known... (Rock reference, anyone? )

Write 5 facts about yourself


I was born in 1995, so I'm 22 and going to be 23 in September. That makes me a Virgo (Any virgos around? Say 😍)

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I have been bullied all my life and because of everything.
I used to be a tennis player, so I was really skinny and that was the main reason they bullied me for. After a while I decided to leave tennis because all of the bullying, and when I started to grow as a woman and I gained weight they started to laugh at that too. After almost 10 years I've suffered a lot, but a few years ago I decided I should use that pain and that suffering to help others. So I went to a school to talk about bullying and tell them my experience. It turned out quite well, a lot of kids told me they were being bullied and we told the school so they could start doing something. You would be amazed by all the kids that were bullied in the same class...
So, if you have been bullied (or you are right now) and you need someone to talk to, I promise I'll be able to. My messages are open for all of you! ❤

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I love all types of music, but I prefer Pop and Rock.

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I have a knee problem that prevents me from doing many things, but I am starting to go to a swimming pool and see if this helps me recover.

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In September I'll be going to UK or Ireland to finish my auxiliary nurse studies, and I'll do the job practice over there. I'm staying 3 months or so. I'm so excited!

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Thank you all for reading! I hope you liked this 5 facts I brought to you and don't forget to reach to me if you need something!

Love you!