Hello! It is almost spring time and I could not be more excited. As much as I love my sweaters, I'm ready for T-shirts and sunny days! Today, I decided to organize my closet but I ended up cleaning it out so I'm sharing some tips to make the whole process a bit easier for you guys.

1. Take every single thing out of it.

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2. Ask yourself these very important questions:
-Does it still fit me?
-Have I worn it the last 12 months?
-Do I like? Does this make me feel good?
-Am I ever going to wear this (again)?
If you answered no to any of these questions you HAVE TO let it go honey!

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3. Pick up one item at a time and try it on if needed.

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4. Check if anything is damaged.
NO! You don't need that.

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5. Organize your clothes by type.
It is better to have a system for hanging - don't just group everything together. You can also seperate your clothes into categories that work for you such as seasons, school, occasions etc.

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-Put on some music, preferably some happy, motivational music.
-When you empty your closet, air it out, clean it or vacuum it really well and spay it with your favourite fragrance.
-Ask your sister of your bff to help you, their opinion could be very helpful!
-While you are at it, you might as well organize your shoes and your jewellery as well.

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