the french magic school is the school beaux bâtons - for this article i imagined how this school would be like - i am maybe wrong but this is how i feel

i know officially we don't know if there are houses in beaux bâtons - even if i am pretty sure there are - or how many there are . i have only read about three houses non-official and i absolutely didn't inspire me of them . the houses i am about to present you are houses with more or less the same characteristics as the hogwarts's ones - i have seen that ilvermorny houses are a lot like the ones in hogwarts so i just supposed that it might be the same in every school .

- the names are in french since the school is in france -

on the website pottermore the school is described as very big and with a lot of gardens - that's what inspired me

architecture, garden, and paris image blue image castle, winter, and snow image garden, fountain, and gate image
the exterior
book, library, and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It white and blue image blue and stairs image aurevoir, beautiful, and daddy image architecture, art, and gold image
the interior
letters, aesthetic, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It blue, Letter, and aesthetic image rose, aesthetic, and Letter image
the letter of admission
harry potter, beauxbatons, and hogwarts image 1920s, party, and aesthetic image fashion, male, and guys image aesthetic, beautiful, and cafe image boy and vintage image dress and blue image
the outfits

les tigres d'argent

animal, lion, and white image arrow, archery, and aesthetic image animal, tiger, and tigers image archery, arrow, and bow image
brave - courageous - loyal
horse and animal image horse and royal image horse image horse, beach, and girl image
their favorite activity - the horseriding - to feel free and to have a company

les flocons

cute, bunny, and rabbit image animal, bunny, and cute image art, painting, and paint image adventure, aesthetic, and book image
kind - generous - patient
Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 aesthetic, bake, and photography image cake, pretty, and food image food, sweet, and yummy image
their favorite activity - the cooking - especially french cooking - to share with their friends

les cygnes purs

Swan, lake, and water image book, white, and reading image glasses, book, and white image Swan, white, and bird image
intelligent - hardworker - readers
chess image Image removed book image chess and game image
their favorite activities - chess game for the mental and the concentration - reading books for the inspiration

les écailles perlées

snake, white, and aesthetic image hair, serpent, and slytherin image green, aesthetic, and paint image snake, slytherin, and aesthetic image
amitious - manipulation - determinated - fraternal
art, ballerina, and ballet image ballet, dance, and ballerina image art, ballerina, and ballet image dance, ballet, and ballerina image
their favorite activity - ballet for discipline and elegance

that's it for this article, hope you enjoyed it, if you did you can heart it . kisses .