last night i was just ranting into the notes on my phone and i decided to post it and put it out in the universe.

i could go on for hours about whitewashing but i wanted to express this really quickly and get my point across.

obviously there has been whitewashing throughout society and the history books being issued throughout the world today. they are presented in a way that is completely misleading and in some cases just flat- out untrue.

one of these cases of white washing appears whenever Egypt is mentioned.

i’m not sure about you all but growing up, whenever Egypt was mentioned in history books, not only was it mentioned as if it was separate from Africa, but as if white people resided there. they always created the book to portray people of darker complexions as slaves and people who were lighter as royalty.

trust me i’m aware of the fact that the darkest and lightest humans in the world come directly from africa, and there are albinos naturally residing there, the fact that they ALWAYS made sure to have that segregation present in the textbook is many levels of just straight ignorance.

africa didn’t have color discrimination. they didn’t see lighter people as “prettier” or darker people as “inadequate” because they weren’t ignorant like the europeans who created that system and brainwashed others to have the same mentality.

Egyptians were (and still are) Africans, and the egyptians had darker complexions. the “egyptians” aren’t superior to other africans in any sense like they’re portrayed in history books.

also i’d like to point out that the greek people- yeah the people who supposedly invented math and everything- were african. don’t people realize that the only way for people to get to Greece is for Africans to migrate over there? it’s not like this other group of people just sprouted out of the ground and started inventing things- but that’s the way textbooks portray it.

they’ll never say that “Africans” did anything worth mentioning- instead they’ll say “Egyptians” or “Greeks”. newsflash- they’re all african.

follow me :)


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