Hey everyone! This is my very first article on Weheartit. It's the #ThisIsMeChallenge. I hope you guys will find it interesting and have fun!


fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, outfit, and casual image outfit, fashion, and girl image Image by Sophia X bag, black, and booties image fashion, adidas, and style image
As you can tell i am more of an casual type. I style everything with silver jewellery.


ball, brand, and grunge image body, summer, and surf image fun and i am fun image blonde, hiking, and palm image
You can meet me where the fun is.


cat, animal, and kitten image gatinhos, bichanos, and tigres image elephant, animal, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
My favorite animals are cats, elephants, tigers and owls.


funny and movie image the mountain between us image the fault in our stars, tfios, and movie image Mature image amanda seyfried, channing tatum, and dear john image
Kangoroo Jack; The mountain between us; The fault in our stars; Tomb Raider; Dear John and a lot more.


channing tatum image johnny depp, boy, and young image ian somerhalder, paul wesley, and the vampire diaries image movie, zac efron, and Dwayne Johnson image Angelina Jolie, celebrity, and actress image riverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image
Channing Tatum; Johnny Depp; Ian Somerhalder; Dwayne Johnson; Angelina Jolie; Madelaine Petsch and a lot more.


flowers, tulips, and purple image sky, grunge, and night image aesthetic, art, and black image cat, cute, and animal image
I love light colours. My go to colour for outfits is grey.


aries, zodiac, and stars image zodiac signs, cancer leo virgo, and capricorn aquarius pisces image aries, sign, and zodiac image zodiac, astrology, and Libra image