Hey Babes!

Style is a language of looks. Get to know me through my looks.

In upstate NY, temps can range from below 0 to almost 100, so you have to have a wardrobe for all four seasons. Here are the things I most like to wear:

Goth Girl at Work

Where I work is not super conservative but we have to look professional. This is my “Goth Dolly” style. No, I don’t work in a funeral parlor.

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I love high heels. l think I walk with more confidence in heels, and I like how my legs look wearing them. Sometimes, I'll wear ballet flats, they go with any outfit. Or, black and white Chucks, or Doc Martens.

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Nice & Rough

I like pairing something tough and edgy with something pretty and feminine, like ripped up jeans or shorts with a satin, lace, or flowing top.

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Low Rise

High waists have been a trend for a while. I hate how they look on me. They make me feel like a grandma, or a toddler. Low rise waists are still out there, and I hunt them down like a predator.

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Leggings are the best, aren’t they? You pull them on. Done.

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Crop Tops

It’s fun to show a little skin, but I always felt a bit awkward baring my midriff. Until, it seemed like every cute top was cropped, and I surrendered to the trend. And there are so many variations: cropped T's and tanks, camis, halters, bralettes, and tube tops. I wear them all.

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On a Date

To get ready for a date, I’ll ask the guy what he wants me to wear. This saves time agonizing over too many outfit choices. It usually comes down to something like: skinny jeans, heels, and crop top. Or the classic denim mini skirt, heels, and a slinky top.

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I don’t have the kind of personality that can carry off “big statement” jewelry. I prefer thin, delicate chains, and dainty pendants. Ankle bracelets are always eye catching, as are toe rings. My belly button is pierced and I love changing out the jewelry with new pendants and dangles.

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Girls Night Out

For a night of dancing, and getting wild with my girl gang, I might experiment with some new makeup. Usually, we wear the very tightest and shortest mini dresses, and sexy spikes.

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That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please send me a message if you liked it! Would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions! Xoxoxo nikki.