Jack was only five years old when he was sent to the orphanage. This house was far from urban life. It was a very beautiful and quiet place. Near the house was a large field. Children often played there, and Jack played with them. Most of all he loved to fly a kite and watch as it soars among the clouds. He lived in this house for 8 years and every day he flew a kite to fly. Jack, as always, went outside to fly a kite. He ran with his kite to the grove. It was 300 feet from the house. Suddenly began strong wind. The boy could barely stay on his feet. The sky began to rumble of thunder. Jack was released a kite from his hand and started to run to the house. Not running 50 feet, started a heavy downpour. The boy was running without stopping. All of his clothes and hair were wet. He was so scared.
Finally he got home. He ran up the stairs and went into his room. Jack pulled off all his clothes and changed it quickly. He went down, all the children were sitting at the table waiting for dinner. The only free place was on the edge. No one liked to sit there because there was not enough food. Jack didn't like to eat and always sat there. Finally food began served. Today on the table was a lot of things: fried chicken, sweet mashed potatoes, two kinds of grapes, tangerines, white and black bread, pie with onion and rice, stewed apples, tea, and sugar. Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate were served for desset. Jack quickly ate all that was on the plate and began to unwrap the wrapper of the cupcake. He brought the cupcake to his nose and breathed a fresh scent. He took a bite of it and felt a taste of chocolate.
In the evening everyone went to their rooms and went to bed. Jack turned on his left side and closed his eyes.