hi, everybody! my name is caroline, but everybody call me carol. i'm from brazil. english is not my first language, i'm sorry if there are mistakes.
i'm gemini taurus ascendant. i study social communication, i'm wanderlust and fashion enthusiast. i'm not a potterhead, but i'm from ravenclaw house. i love alice in qonderland and peter pan. my favorite disney park is the disney's hollywood studios. i'm a summer girl and this is my favorite season.
writing is part of who i am and so i decided to start writing articles here on WHI. i hope you enjoy it, because i really want to dedicate myself to it.


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be a light in this world

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day 1: write an article that's about YOU. introduce yourself!
day 2: make a list of the things that you are grateful for.
day 3: make a list of your favorite books.
day 4: make a list with things you couldn't live without.
day 5: write a short story.
day 6: make a list of your favorite movies.
day 7: write an article about something that you find interesting.
day 8: make a list of your favorite destinations.
day 9: your own idea, for a challenge.
day 10: write a book review.
day 11: make a list of places you want to go.
day 12: write a movie review.
day 13: write about your passion(s), or what you just really like to do.
day 14: write some facts about yourself.
day 15: make an autumn/winter/spring/summer bucket list.