I was inspired by @backtotennesse to do this article 🦋

So this is me:


Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image shoes, vans, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image
Denim on Denim, squared pattern, orange sweater, plateau sneaker and red bags


aesthetic, film, and 90’s image b&w, girl, and laughter image riverdale, camila mendes, and lili reinhart image crazy, food, and lovee image
Sassy, always laughing, goofy and crazy


aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image flowers, yellow, and sunflower image flowers, red, and nature image bloom, flower, and bouquet image
Lilac, mustard yellow, red and nude


food, ice cream, and chocolate image delicious, mushrooms, and pizza image dope, fashion, and food image baby, chocolate, and nutella image
Basically everything that’s unhealthy

Tv shows

damon salvatore, vampire, and tvd image Image by fuck you outlander, jamie fraser, and sam heughan image icon, rose mciver, and olivia moore image
Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, Outlander, IZombie


dirty dancing, patrick swayze, and 80s image joker, suicide squad, and harley quinn image evanna lynch, harry potter, and icon image dinosaur, dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park image
Dirty Dancing, Suicide Squad, Harry Potter!!!, Jurassic Park


Image removed book, books, and livro image army, military, and sniper image books, bookshelves, and shelves image
Divergent, Shadow Falls Camp, a spectre t service on Wattpad and the fifth wave


jack johnson image madison beer image eminem, rap, and slim shady image ed sheeran image
Jack and Jack, Madison Beer, Eminem and Ed


friends, travel, and forest image Image by becxz dirty dancing, dancing, and dance image flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image
Hiking, the piano, dancing and writing/ reading


chanel, sex and the city, and quotes image fashion, edits, and liza koshy image jack johnson, jack and jack, and rose image
Carrie Bradshaw, Liza Koshy, and many more

Goals and Dreams

body, fitness, and puma image book, aesthetic, and read image friends image bella swan, edward cullen, and twilight image
Reach my dream body, publish a book, roadtrip with my friends, marry my soulmate

I love how these articles show that we’re all different and unique!
Try it too ;)