Having a personal style is so difficult in these times, because celebrities influence is everywhere. A lot of teens try to follow their "idols", which i totally agree, but this doesn't mean they have to be their copycats. It's alright to get a little inspiration from them, as long as you don't loose your identity.
Fashion is a way to express your opinion to the world, to describe your character to others, without saying a single word. As people are different, their styles have to be different, too.
Personally, i like to follow the latest trends, but i don't prefer wearing something that everybody else is wearing. It's so fake, it seems like you don't have a style, like you don't have a character, at all.
That's why i try to add my own touch in every look ♡

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What about my style?

Let's say that i would wear everything that makes me feel happy & special. This means, that my style includes every fashion type, starting from the basic pieces to the classic ones, as long as i enjoy wearing them. Sometimes i choose to be sportive, sometimes i choose to be girly, or to combine them both. It depends from my mood & definitely, from the occasion. Anyway, in every single look i love to add accessories. That's because, they can make the difference and transform your outfit to the next level. Don't you agree with me?

Casual ♡

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Classy & girly ♡

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Accessories ♡

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Inspiration ♡

Thank you for reading & rating my article, Evi ♡