Hello fellow wattpad- people 💋

Over the past couple of days I saw plenty of “my name in colors” articles and thought that it was a very creative idea!

So here is my name, Alice, in colors:

fashion, orange, and style image hazel image aesthetic, Afro, and beautiful image amber, cat, and eyes image
aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image quotes, book, and words image clouds, sky, and travel image lavender, lilac, and purple image
Lilac, my favourite color
aesthetic, bouquet, and color image lace and romantic image nails, dior, and Nude image shoes, fashion, and heels image
agua, sea, and calm image blue, food, and delicious image book and blue image flowers, blue, and dress image
snake, green, and aesthetic image green, velvet, and dress image etsy, fingerless gloves, and mittens image green, poison ivy, and aesthetic image

You should totally try this too, it was so much fun!
(Also kind of calming and in the end it’s also aesthetically pleasing🙈)