Today, in this new article, I go you speak about fashion and mainly about the fashion during spring. As you know every season the fashion changes and everything varies according to the years. I thus decided to make this article to you show the dress code of this spring and of you show what we risk most to see.

Let's go !

☀ Squared jackets

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and chanel image fashion, style, and girl image chic, classy, and coat image

☀ Skirts

fashion, kfashion, and korean fashion image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image girl, fashion, and kfashion image kfashion, ulzzang, and ootd image

☀ Mom jean

aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image Temporarily removed casual, fashion, and streetstyle image jeans, nails, and aesthetic image

☀ Squared Pants

Burberry, fashion, and woman girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, red, and outfit image

☀ Cute dresses

fashion, girl, and blue image fashion, girl, and mirror image Image removed Temporarily removed

☀ Blouses

fashion, style, and outfit image summer and girl image blouse, chic, and classy image chanel, fashion, and girl image

☀ Boots

Balenciaga, boots, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and boots image fashion, boots, and shoes image fashion, shoes, and boots image

Here we are, it is the end of this article, I hope sincerely that it will have pleased you.

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