It can be hard to move to another country. Especialy when your heart is still in your old hometown. Cuz When u move to another country, you realise poeple aren't the same anymore. They dont talk the same, they don't look the same, they don't think the same and they don't eat the same. It's hard at first, but i have to get used to it. Some People are gonna think you're weird because you have different ways and different culture. That's why ii try doing it their ways. Trying to Learn their language, eating their food. But after time of trying so hard to fit in and learning their language i start forget my old one. So I end up just not being good enough on both sides... Thats the part that people don't mention about moving to another country. You get seperated from your family and you start loosing your culture and your ways. I'm still hoping that one day i can come back to my country, Peru.
If you being homesick like me message me i need to know that i'm not alone in this 😔
-nunca te olvidare peru-