I am Violeta and this is my name in colors:

V for vanilla ice

aesthetic, pink, and cute image pink, fashion, and sweater image bae, goddess, and power image pink, crystal, and pastel image

I for icterine

yellow, ice cream, and food image fashion, outfit, and style image yellow, internet, and quotes image yellow, flowers, and style image

O for oxfrod blue

blue, hands, and grunge image fashion, skirt, and blue image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα Inspiring Image on We Heart It

L for lime green

green, aesthetic, and neon image abstract photography, aesthetic, and bottles image glasses, aesthetic, and indie image decor, green, and lights image

E for english red

london, travel, and city image quotes, forget, and tumblr image quotes, woman, and red image girl, red, and cindy kimberly image

T for turqoise

building, turqoise, and Krakow image CI image ice cream, food, and blue image summer, blue, and tumblr image

A for amber

light, night, and red image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image yellow, aesthetic, and train image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image

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