These are tips for teens who need some ideas so remember if they aren't helpful for you it's because everyone is in a different situation and you should stick to what works best for you.
1. A good way to start is researching anything you might want to buy before you get it (this is especially helpful for makeup, skincare, and tech) so you don't end up throwing your money away.
2. Try the £5 challenge, where you save every spare £5 you end up having. This might be too much to start with so try £1 or £2 or every 50p you have. After a few months, you should have a good amount saved and it won't have felt like much as you were doing it. Try saving for a year and keep it for a rainy day or holiday fund.
3. You don't need a £4 coffee and they stack up quickly, so try buying from somewhere cheaper or go for tea or water, it's healthier too!
4. They're often a pain to sign up for, but loyalty cards are really worth it, especially when it comes to buying gifts. If you're from the UK I'd recommend Foyles (points system), Waterstones (buy 10 books get £10 to spend), Boots (get sent great vouchers and points system), Superdrug (points system) and different supermarket cards. Many cafes also do good ones where you get a free hot drink after 5/8/10 purchases.
5. Instead of using your debit/credit card all the time, take out cash for the day and stick to that. It helps when you can see your money go away and it makes you think twice about throwing it away.
6. Sale rails and discount shops are traps to make you want to spend money on things you don't actually want or need just because they're on sale. Stay away from them!
7. When buying an item of clothing that isn't an "essential" a lot of people say to sleep on it, but I know this isn't always an option, so ask a sales assistant to hold the item for you and go to a few other shops or a cafe. This might make you realise you don't actually need it or you can wait to ask for it for your birthday or Christmas etc.
I'm terrible at saving money but these tips are really helpful for me and I hope they are for you too. Just think about how you could end up going on a nicer holiday or being able to get your friends better gifts or even just learning better habits for the future.
- Kye