Bias: Lee Taemin

Group: SHINee

— L : lavender

flowers, purple, and lavender image Taemin, SHINee, and kpop image purple, door, and pink image books, indie, and lavender image

— E : electric yellow

SHINee, Taemin, and maknae image storm, aesthetic, and light image hair, alternative, and girl image aesthetic, record, and vinyl image

— E : emerald

SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and cyber image snake, green, and aesthetic image green, poison ivy, and aesthetic image

— T : tea rose

pink, Taemin, and SHINee image header and icon image peach, pink, and aesthetic image anime, girl, and pink image

— A : amethyst

purple, SHINee, and Taemin image lonely, road, and grunge image neon, purple, and light image palm trees, shadow, and palms image

— E : eucalyptus

kpop, SHINee, and Taemin image green, Jonghyun, and key image quotes, neon, and green image fandom, Jonghyun, and Taemin image
very similar to pearl aqua ;-;

— M : magenta

gif, pink, and Taemin image
colors, neon, and pink image pink and aesthetic image

— I : indigo

abs, arms, and lee taemin image grunge, black, and blue image red, lights, and neon image aesthetic, alternative, and chest image

— N : navy blue

blue, gif, and SHINee image
blue, theme, and aesthetic image blue, stars, and aesthetic image