Little Mix is one of my favorite bands. I basically listen to nothing else.
I saw these guides on youtube a few times and wanted to try it, too.
Don't take this too serious, btw.

This is the fourth part of the guide, if you want to read the first parts, visit my profile or click on the collection:

The Tours:
jesy nelson, perrie edwards, and jade thirlwall image
AAAAND the SummerShoutout-Tour.

1. The DNA-Tour

DNA Superthumb jesy nelson jesy nelson
Go and listen to their "Change your life" performance.

2. The Neon Lights Tour

jesy nelson lm
Beautiful Girls, DNA, and neon lights image
This was actually Demi Lovatos tour. Go and watch her prank on Little Mix, while they were performing Salute.

3. The Salute Tour

little mix Superthumb Superthumb jade thirlwall
If you haven't done it yet, go and listen to "Good enough" and the "Dark Horse"-Cover *-*

4. The Get Weird Tour

jesy nelson queens
little mix, leigh anne, and jesy nelson image
Jesy performing although she had to sit in a wheelchair. I'm so proud of her...
girlband Superthumb little mix lm
You HAVE to watch their "Lightning" Performance *~*

5. The Dangerous Woman Tour

jesy nelson jesy nelson
ariana grande, little mix, and perrie edwards image
As you can see, this was actually Arianas Tour in America.

6. The Summer Shoutout Tour

jesy nelson glory days
gif, little mix, and leigh anne pinnock image
I think you should go and watch the "Touch" performance.

and last but not least: 7. The Glory Days Tour

jesy nelson Superthumb Superthumb angels
Go and watch the "Nothing else matters" Performance.

I'm going to write a last article about Lm, about the Ships. If you don't want to miss it, make sure to follow the collection. :)