day 7 of;

so for this day i am supposed to give you a list of my top 10 songs that i am loving right now, but since its me the music lover, it will be more than just 10 so the title is kind of a clickbite haha

Want You Back, 5 Seconds of summer

Lyrics, quote, and want you back image art, drawing, and fan art image

My My My!, Troye SIvan

art, bio, and black image art, bio, and black image

River, Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran

eminem, river, and ft image

That's what I like, Bruno Mars

bruno mars and that's what i like image gif, bruno mras, and thats what i like image

44 more, Logic

aesthetic, icon, and logic image

Wilson (expensice mistakes)
Champion, Fall out boy

band, Dream, and emo image album, black, and color image

Waterfall, With Confidence

Lyrics, sad, and pop rock image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image

Brazil, Declan McKenna

brazil, lyric, and declan mckenna image brazil, lyric, and declan mckenna image

Out Loud, Gabbie Hanna

hanna, Out Loud, and the gabbie show image

Hurts Good, R5

r5, ross, and sexy image r5 image

Him & I, G-Easy ft. Halsey

couple, crazy, and His image favorite, song, and g-eazy image

Loser, Falling in Reverse

loser, Lyrics, and quote image beautiful, body, and Hot image

It's a Lie, The Vamps ft. TINI

Lyrics, it's a lie, and the vamps image edit, Lyrics, and the vamps image

Never be the same, Camila Cabello

be, same, and songs image cabello, never be the same, and camila cabello image

Miss You, Louis Tomlinson

miss you, one direction, and 1d image louis and Lyrics image

Honest, Mali Koa

art, drawing, and mali koa hood image

soo i hope you'll like this playlist, i would give you link to my Spotify playlist, but i dont actually know how to do that so yeaaah