hii ! i'm Lyse, i'm 16 years old and i'm a French Girl so my english is pretty bad lol 😄 !
i'm on Instagram, but here it's like my blog but without my own pics !

so, i'm gonna introduced myself here ! let's do it !


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image girl, outfit, and beauty image fashion, adidas, and style image


black, blue, and dark image couple, riverdale, and veronica image blue, color, and colors image peach, aesthetic, and makeup image
dark purple, black, dark blue and peach


book, aesthetic, and grunge image flowers, girl, and happy image beauty, girl beauty, and cat lover image babe, fashion, and females image
i'm a books and animal lover, happy and feminist


bff, dress, and goals image breakfast, inspiration, and morning image food, muffin, and chocolate image chocolate, food, and Cookies image
pizza, fruits, muffins and cookies are my life :))


aesthetic, pink, and blue image quote, quotes, and saying image shawn mendes image halsey, couple, and g-eazy image
photography, quotes, Shawn Mendes, G-Eazy and Wattpad :)


concert, rapper, and crowd image hug, fan, and sunshine image new york city, pretty sexy style, and girls classy luxury image food, amsterdam, and city image
go to a G-Eazy concert, hug Shawn and visit Amsterdam and New-York


selena gomez, 13 reasons why, and clay jensen image octavia and the 100 image teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and tyler posey image eleven, snowball, and stranger things image
13 reasons why, the 100, Teen Wolf and Stranger Things


movie, love, and the fault in our stars image la haine, movie, and black and white image detroit, gif, and eminem image brave, disney, and merida image
the fault in our stars, La Haine (french movie), 8 miles and Brave


book, hard, and hollywood image the maze runner, thomas, and teresa image books, inspiracion, and libros image book image
DIMILY, looking for Alaska, the maze runner and the fault in our stars


g-eazy image shawn, shawnmendes, and mendes image halsey and ashley frangipane image orelsan, le chant des sirènes, and basique image
G-Eazy, Shawn Mendes, Halsey and Orelsan (french rapper)


aesthetics, pure, and bed image halsey image
magazines and Halsey

it's over ! now, you know me !
ily 💜💜💜💜