So, I´ve wanted to participate in challenges since a few weeks ago, now I have enough time to write articles in a proper manner, had a lot of fun doing this!!

Enjoy :*


girl Superthumb
I´m 18 years old and just a few weeks away from starting college.

Best Movie

Superthumb movie
The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Current Time

Superthumb city
9:45 PM

Drink you last had

aesthetic coke

Everyday starts with

aesthetic aesthetic
Drinking water.

Favourite song

girls red velvet
Red Flavor by Red Velvet.

Grossest moment

flowers car
Once I was holding up a cereal bar with one hand and a flower with the other. While I was talking with my friend I tried to take a bite from the bar but ended up biting the flower`s petals full of dust!


alternative outfit
164 cm (5´3.8)

In love with

Superthumb Superthumb


bus Superthumb
People who have enough money to travel whenever and wherever they want.

Killed someone

animal Superthumb
No, but my mom has told me that when I was a toddler I accidentally killed my iguana by pulling her tail.

Last time you cried

gif dragon ball
Few weeks ago while I was watching a DBS chapter (spoiler alert) when Android 17 dies.

Middle Name

art art

Number of Siblings

family Superthumb
One, my young brother.

One wish

Superthumb coffee
Finish college succesfully

Person you last called/texter

bed Mature image to view this image go to your settings and enable mature content

Questions you are always asked

aesthetic Superthumb
Can we meet?

Reasons to smile

family Superthumb
Family, nature.

Song you last sang

phoebe ryan Superthumb
Aspirin by Phoebe Ryan.

Time you wake up

aesthetic aesthetic
7:00 AM, always.

Underwear color

Superthumb Superthumb

Vacation place

california Superthumb
United States.

Worst habit

aesthetic beauty
Touching my face everywhere, everytime.

X-Rays you´ve ever had

Superthumb bones
Jaw, teeth, leg, hand, arm. I´ve been clumsy since day 1.

Your favourite food

food Superthumb
Peruvian food!


Superthumb Superthumb