During my middle school years I remember every cool girl wore makeup to school showing off to the boys and bragging every makeup they had to their friend. Me on the other hand I was too young and I did not wear makeup until I was like 15 years old. One of the most used makeup products I saw every girl back in middle school would be black eyeliner and red lipstick, so one day after school I remember going to the bathroom to grab one my mom's lipsticks and some eyeliner I found then went straight to my room to see how it looks on me. The first lipstick I put on would have to be the hot red kind and shockingly I looked really different. Next, I put one some eyeliner. As I was putting some eyeliner I smudged it then some of the liquid eyeliner got into my eye which caused to irritate my eye.Before I could make it to the bathroom my mom came to check on me and saw what was I doing. She laughed at me because she said I looked like an older women with red lipstick. I frowned a little then she made wash my face and put back her makeup where it belongs. Makeup is fun and all but when I wore for the first time I felt weird but until high school I got used to it and I learned the do' and don'ts of wearing makeup. Today all I wear is little bit of lipstick and mascara because why not? Anyways whether you wear or not wear makeup you are still beautiful the way you are. 😘