Dear Mr. Trump,

I am writing to you from the other side of the world, where we live in an extremely different environment. I live in a country that welcomes refugees, you don't. I am subject to a government that demonstrates equality, your people don't. I use the metric system, you don't. Where I live, it is illegal for a civilian to own a gun, where you live, it isn't.

When the people of the United States elected you president, they also elected you on behalf of the entire world. In November last year, I knew the United States as the single most powerful, exemplary nation. It was a melting pot of different ideas and opportunities, and it lead the way to great change. This year, my mind has changed.

While the U.S. may have the largest military or the highest supply of weapons, I do not see it as powerful any longer. To me, a powerful country is one that shows the world as it should be, where its people are satisfied, happy, and safe. Where they're educated, hard working, and understanding and loving towards one another. Don't get me wrong, the amount of amazing people just like that in the United States is probably higher than my country's total population, but I still see change.

Fourteen days ago, another tragedy struck the world. One that injured and killed innocent children, and one you, the president of the United States of America, did nothing about.

I write to you in the hopes that you will understand what it takes for great change. In the hopes that the citizens of America will finally say no more. As a society, we disagree on how tragic situations like these should be handled. Some pray, some protest, some do nothing.
You choose to defend your people by giving them more guns. You, sir, choose to fight fire with fire. What people may fail to understand is that more fire will never help a burning house. You choose to stop the people with guns, by supplying guns. You choose to keep firearms in business just make a quick buck. You choose money over the safety of children.

Why is it so hard to put down guns? Why is so hard to choose peace? Please, sir, help me understand.

Sending all the love to anyone who needs it,