I’m a coward
Because I can’t say what I feel
I’m a coward
Because I hide behind a mask and try to convince myself that it’s not there
That I’m fine
That it’s true
That I feel nothing for you
I'm a coward
Because I know that every time someone says “think of your happy place” I think of you,
But I still tell myself that you’re just a friend
That there is nothing and there never will be
I am a coward
But you’re one too
You're a coward
Because I know you feel the same
And you hide it, but when you look at me I can see it in your eyes
You are a coward
Because you show me the real you behind a screen, buy in person you turn into an asshole when I know that’s not who you really are
You are a coward
But are we scared though? Or are we being realistic?
Is it that we know it can never happen?
Or we don't want to lose each other?
I just can’t help but wonder… what if?
What if we’re letting something amazing pass us by?
Or maybe you have no idea and I’m making all this up?
Maybe, just maybe you’re my shooting star and soon you’ll just vanish
Oh God I hope so because I love you, but my heart can’t keep up with this anymore… with you
I can’t keep being this coward
I need my courage back if I ever had any
But whenever you get close to me I can’t function
I can’t breathe
Because I know you’re like time travel, immortality, or even perfection
You are impossible
Or maybe I’m just a coward