Hey Mistakes

So here i chose some of my favorite movies to watch. I tried chose every from the another category. So here they are.

Mystery - Gone Girl

This movie is definitely one of my favorite. The way Amy think during the movie is incredible, scary and smart. She is a boss type of woman, even if she wasn't nicest to her husband. It just blows my mind in many ways.

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Sci-fi - Matrix

I don't know what to say about this one. I chose it because it's kind of part of my childhood. Me and my older brother watched it all the time.We had it on a video cassette. Just watch it even if it's old.

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Drama - Perfect Sense

I didn't know where categorized this movie, but i love it so much. It's different, crazy, sad but beautiful in a same way.

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Animated - Princess Mononoke

This Anime movie is from the legendary director Hajao Mijazaki, basically anything from him is a masterpiece (at least for me). Story about Ashitaka, who is accursed (hope i used this word right) by demon and he wants to find cure, but he finds out there are much bigger problems in the world.

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Romantic - 500 days of summer

Well, i woudn't call it romantic movie, but it's definitely movie about love, but the real one. This is movie totally describe how i think relationships and love works.

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Disney movie - Mulan (2)

I like both of this movies equally. I still know every song by a heart and i enjoy watching these movies. Also a message of this stories is great for empowering young girls in their life. Princess don't need to be saved, she can save herself.

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Action - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Not really action action movie, it's more likely weird-action-teenage-comedy. You'll have fun during watching it. Maybe it'll be bizarre, but that's okay. Just enjoy the weirdness and relax.

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Fantasy - Neverending story

This is another part of my childhood. But let's be honest. Who didn't want to fly with a Falco?

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Hope you find something new or at least i gave you few happy throwbacks.

XOXO Mistakes