I have a lot of fears. I'm scared of small spaces, clowns, and various other things. But there is one thing that strikes fear into my heart like nothing else, something so bone chilling that even a simple question can totally derail my thoughts:

"So, how about you tell the class a little bit about yourself?"

This, the phrase that students dread like nothing else, is my number one terror. It leaves me stuttering, nervous and short of breath, and makes me feel very, very alone. Why, you ask?

Because I really don't know how to define myself. I'm left handed, I suppose. It's a bit of a dull fact, though. I can speak Spanish, Italian and English, but that sounds a little like bragging.

One thing I'm really aware of, is that most teenagers define themselves by their appearance. Whether they have clear skin or spots, tall or short, long hair or short hair. Even thinking negatively about appearances sends most girls and boys my age into a downwards spiral of self loathing. This really breaks my heart because I really believe that everyone is beautiful in their own special way. So, I've decided to write a list of things to define yourself by.

1. What subjects do you like? Do you prefer drawing beautiful pictures, singing your heart out, or writing long, exciting stories? Is the satisfying feeling when you solve a maths equation or learn something new in science better than anything else?

2. What kind of clothes do you wear? Elegant, soft dresses, or a certain coat that just makes you feel ready to do anything. Do you profess your love for your favourite singer or band by plastering it across every t shirt you have? Maybe it brings a smile to your face when someone asks where you got your scarf and you can proudly say, "I made it myself!"

3. Have you overcome anything in the past week? Maybe there was a test that you were really worried about, or a toxic friendship that you ended. Maybe today was the first day that you looked in the mirror and realised that you were actually beautiful, and you should stop putting yourself down.

4. Who are your friends? Is there one person that can make you laugh until you cry, or someone who can comfort you when you are feeling absolutely rubbish? Who do you think about first thing in the morning?

5. And finally, what brings you joy? Do you love the rush of dancing at a party with your friends, or staying inside and smiling to yourself as you finally finish that book that's you have been glued to for an hour?

Whatever defines you, next time you are thinking negatively about yourself, remember that for every one thing you hate, there are ten more things to love. There are so many characteristics to value and love about yourself, so next time someone asks you for an interesting fact about yourself, you should be able to stand up tall, look them in the eyes, and tell them something, no matter how small and mundane it is.

PS, Thanks so much for the amazing response to my last article, it was so sweet to see that people found it useful!