I pretend not to be heartful
but every time
I am in the bathroom and the mirror is steamy
my hands draw a heart , mindlessly
every time I see him ,
I pretend not to care
but every where he goes , my legs quide me
then I put on those dazzling happy features
it's like my hole organs are yelling at once :
mouth : " I can form into the most charming smile ."
cheeks : " roses get jealous when I pass by , they explode blossoming "
chin : " I have a stand of a beautiful daisy against the winds "
eyelashes : " we are the blessing of an angel , it couldn't give her wings so we were put instead "
spine : " I am the stares for perfection "
hands interrupting : " we are the branches of an enormous creativity "
sound of laugh : " hello there ! I am the lost symphony "
eyes : " I am a thief ,
I steal the glimpses of him
him .
I steal his gaze and hide it deep in the memory .
and I'm sick of it !
this job ....
I wish I couldn't steal the same scene repeating everyday
- he is standing with that silly girl pretending to be happy while his eyes tell neither -
I wish I had stolen more valuable things .
but I just can't .