Hello beautiful people on WHI, I thought maybe you'd like to get to know more about the person behind this page. Let's get on w/ this, shall we?

(PS: idea inspired by https://weheartit.com/EliceBerlynn)

1. Coffee or Tea?
- Definitely coffee. I'm a huge fan.

2. Black or White or Colour?
- Colour, probably light tones.

3. Drawings or Paintings?
- Drawings, always.

4. Dresses or Skirts?
- Skirts.

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5. Books or Movies?
- Books. Somehow I just can't be patient enough for a movie. They just aren't worth my time.

6. Pepsi or Coke?
- Neither, I haven't had sodas in years. But I'd choose Coke between the 2.

7. Chinese or Italian?
- Italian. Personally I think Chinese foods are too oily.

8. Early bird or Night owl?
- Night owl.

9. Chocolate or Vanilla?
- Chocolate. I hate everything vanilla tbh.

10. Introvert or Extrovert?
- In between. Really, I'm not lying, I took several tests on this. You can call me an introverted extrovert.

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11. Hugs or Kisses?
- Hugs.

12. Winter or Summer?
- Winter. But I prefer autumn the most.

13. Rural or Urban?
- Urban.

14. PC or Mac?
- Mac.

15. Tan or Pale?
- Pale.

16. Cake or Pie?
- Cake.

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17. Ice cream or Yoghurt?
- Yoghurt.

18. Ketchup or Mustard?
- Ketchup.

19. Comedy or Mystery?
- Mystery but sometimes comedy to relax my tired soul.

20. Boots or Sandals?
- Neither, I always wear sneakers.

21. Silver or Gold?
- Gold.

22. Pop or Rock?
- Pop.

23. Dancing or Singing?
- Singing. I really just can't dance.

24. Board games or Video games?
- Neither. I know I'm a weirdo but tbh I don't play both.

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25. Freckles or Dimples?
- Freckles are the cutest!

26. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?
- Both please.

27. Body weight exercises or Lifting weight?
- Body weight.

28. Football or Basketball?
- Basketball all the way.

29. Crossword puzzle or Sudoku?
- Both.

30. Crushed ice or Cubed ice?
- Crushed.

31. Skiing or Snowboarding?
- Snowboarding.

32. Bracelet or Necklace?
- Either works for me.

33. Fruits or Vegetables?
- Fruits.

34. Sausage or Bacon?
- Bacon.

35. Scrambled egg or Fried egg?
- Scrambled.

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36. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
- Dark chocolate. I prefer from 50-80%. Fun fact, white chocolate doesn't contain cacao, it's just vanilla and sugar and it tastes horrible.

37. Tattoos or Piercings?
- Neither. But small tattoos are fine.

38. Antique or Brand new?
- Brand new. But totally depends on the object.

39. Hair up or hair down?
- Hair down.

40. Cats or Dogs?
- Both are cute but I don't have pets in my house.

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41. Pancakes or Waffles?
- Both but pancakes are my go-to.

42. Sci-Fi or Fantasy?
- Fantasy.

43. Numbers or Letters?
- Letters.

44. Twilight or Harry Potter?
- Twilight.

45. Peanut butter or Almond butter?
- Almond butter.

46. Money or Fame?
- Fame.

47. Washing dishes or Doing laundry?
- Dishes.

48. Snakes or Sharks?
- Sharks.

49. Orange or Apple juice?
- Apple juice.

50. Sunrise or Sunset?
- Sunset.

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there you go, some facts about me.

update: it's been a few months in and now i'm looking back to this oh-so-random article, i'm so tempted to delete it but I remember it took my a few hours so imma just gonna leave this here, lol.