so i was inspired by another article to write this article, imma link it below because it really got me inspired and i just knew i had to write this.

this was so amazing, please read this

so. leaving. and never coming back.
i've thought about it so many times. feeling like no one truly understands you and feeling like you have no one.
so we cry. and we drown ourselves in tears.
i've felt this way before and i've considered leaving everything and never coming back. but i didn't. but i would have.
we could be surrounded by all of our friends around and still feel the loneliest we have ever felt. we could be slowly dying on the inside and no one would notice.

- just remember if you feel this way, i feel you! sometimes we feel like crying our eyes out and sometimes we feel like wanting to leave it all. i still feel this way, and i don't think i will not feel this way if that makes any sense.

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