Welcome to a new article! I was tagged to do the #LetterbyLetterChallenge by the lovely Michelle, who writes amazing articles! Check out her account below.

In this challenge, you use the letters of your name in certain categories. Luckily, I have a short name: Elsa! Let's dive into this little tag.


⤜ Songs

Enchanted - Taylor Swift

Lie - Shallou

Same Old Love - Selena Gomez

Arty Boy - Flight Facilities

guitar, aesthetic, and music image theme, green, and aesthetic image

⤜ Books and Movies

Easy A - Will Gluck

Living With A Dead Language - Ann Patty

Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli

Animal Farm - George Owell

books, reading, and white image plants, green, and white image

⤜ Characteristics





Taylor Swift and black and white image theme, rp, and green image

⤜ Celebrities

Emma Watson - actress

Lorde - singer

Selena Gomez - singer

Alicia Silverstone - actress

fashion, girl, and coffee image art, blue, and painting image

⤜ Random

early riser

latin language

succulent plants

apple pie

blonde, tumblr, and girl image architecture, travel, and blue image


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