Hiya! It's Jamie and I'd love to tell you more than just that!! I got the inspiration from @basicallykelly , but she didn't make it. In this challenge, you can use your nickname (or real name) to then find something in to 4 categories, (music/composers/songs , movies/shortfilms , celebrities/youtubers and just freestyle.) I know no one likes it when I blabber like this. Let's get started!!!



A: Alone-Lund
M: Middle-DJ snake & Bipolar sunshine
I: Into you- Ariana Grande
E: Earned it-The Weekend

Movies/short films

J: Jaws
A: American Pie
M: Macbeth
I: Indiana Jones and the temple of doom
E: Epic


J: Jake Paul
A: Angelina Jolie
M: Megan Fox
I: Iggy Azalea
E: Eva Mendes


J: Jelly/Jello
A: Animals
M: Minecraft
I: Intelligance
E: Emmy Award

That's it for my first ever article. It would mean so much if you guys could like this article, Thanks so much hearters!
~Jamie (3