HURT simple as that

you can only take so much,

be so much,

the amount of times you looked at the mirror and tears rolling down your sad and you think what's wrong with me

you want them the be proud but they don't show it

you want to scream and cry but you cant

your happy and life is going where you want it then why are yo so down

its where you are now and you try to fix it but you cant... at least not yet

you know it'll get better

you ask for a hug and no one is there to give it to you the one you need the most isn't here as they have to be so far you both with it want but you'll be together soon but in the mean time you don't want the to worry them

you don't say how much you cried

you don't say how much your hurting

you don't know what to do

they don't see you shaking

they don't see you braking apart

they don't and you don't let them you don't wanna worry them you you just cant....