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My feed will be in pink theme, I love pink!

Hi There!!! I am Melanie. I'm from the Netherlands, so my English is not the best, but I will do my best hihi. I'm a girl who loves writing and instagram... but I use Instagram only for my own pictures and I was looking for something new. My friend is using We Heart It for a long time, and I start it too! I thought, maybe it's funny to do! And guess what... It is!! So I want to tell you guys something about myself.

I have a little brother and 2 lovely parents! I have also 2 pets, a bunny and a hamster, Snuffie and Baloo. They are very cute! I'm living in the cold and rainy Netherlands. I hate that! But Netherland is ok.

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I like travelling too! Going to places with high degree's.... I love it! I like singing and acting, football and food.

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I will write some articles and post a lot of pink pictures on my acc. I hope you guys will enjoy it!!!!
For now... Bye bye, thanks for reading and i hope you will follow me and lheart everything!!!

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